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Custom Stone Monuments

Do you want your loved ones' cemetery marker or monument to truly reflect their life? At Jack Monument Company, we offer a wide variety of customization services to help you create a one-of-a-kind memorial for the deceased.
  • Photos – Full color and black and white photographs can be added
  • Etching – Laser etching can be added to show high resolution images
  • Artwork and symbols – Graphics can be added that reflect ones hobbies, profession, or personality
  • Update lettering – When one partner dies, a marker is often placed with both names leaving space for final date of the survivor. When that date is determined, we arrange for the stone to be updated.

Common Questions About Cemeteries

Most cemeteries have specific rules and regulations when it comes to monuments and memorials. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about cemetery regulations:

Does this cemetery allow monuments?
There are many cemeteries (or "memorial parks”) that do not allow any monuments. Plot owners are restricted to simple markers that lie flat and even on the grass.

Are monuments restricted to certain sections? 
Some cemeteries may have one section for upright memorials and another area for flat markers.

Does this cemetery require you to purchase a specific number of spaces to place a monument?
If so, ask the cemetery at the time of your purchase to make certain you have bought sufficient space to leave room for a monument.

Does this cemetery have size restrictions on monuments?
This should not be an issue. At Jack Monument Company, we are very creative when it comes to designing a monument to fit any space. However, please find out in advance whether there are any restrictions.

Does the cemetery have any rules or regulations for the actual installation of the monument?
Some cemeteries insist on installing monuments themselves, and they will charge a fee for installation, perpetual care of the monument, and some other add-on services.

How do I select a monument?
There are many options available and there is no wrong way. However, having ideas of color, style, artwork, and epitaphs is a good start. A walk through a cemetery will provide many examples.

What color should I choose?
This is entirely a personal preference. However, when shopping be aware that some colors have different names depending on the source. Also, some colors are so similar that telling the difference is difficult.

How do I compare monuments?
When making comparisons, make sure the color, size, and lettering exactly match. At Jack and Bismarck, we guarantee our granite 100% for life.  

Remember - you should always ask questions before purchasing a cemetery lot.
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